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  • Deletion of User:Sho/Scratchpad confirmed. Also, I've put the category tags in the vehicle infoboxes - in general I think putting category tags in the appropriate infoboxes should work out better. I'm not a fan of the through-capitalized category names, but whatever. Sho 13:29, 30 September 2006 (EDT)

List of items which should be non-visible

The follwoing items were marked as visible in 7th Feb Database Snapshot)- The 9th of Feb 2007 snapshot fixed their visibility hammer screwdriver cottage iron trowel knife passenger car pincers landing-stage coaster harbour oven engine01 engine02 rubber tapping knife engine03 smelting furnace asparagus harvest knife work bench bike rickshaw tandem bike bike cart caddie mini-van reamer file steel dagger grinder dugout canoe limousine jeep knitting needles fork spanner tricycle makisu small kiln tongs steel flatter whisk shaving horse stone hammer doughroller glass oven coal oven chair iron anvil small van pickup small pickup van small tractor tractor small sportscar stationcar wrench small fire pit bed couch drawer lockable drawer wooden knitting needles cabin-trunk oil drum small silo cooking stone container hide scraper manual grain grinder millstone blow dart pipe alumina refiner planer pliers mallet needle wheelbarrow improved wheelbarrow small oil pump scissors wooden bowl small sharpening block coin press seal kiln bodkin stone table coke oven bone knife fur-scraper bone needle hoist large rope machine small stone pot big stone pot stone pot primitive oven mud hut adze drawknife handle soldering iron single jack steel set hammer steel peen hammer gas valve rocking chair armoire futon shack chest raft bus apothecary kit mortar and pestle brick mould spit engine04 steel dirk dinghy reed hut wood extension salting barrel smoker mixing bowl steel peavey head drying rack gas purifier gas oven steel broad sword blade steel sabre blade medium steel hilt small steel hilt bow square string jig server bowstring road motorcycle dirt motorcycle frame road motorcycle frame medium ship cabin dirt motorcycle rice harvester lens machete blade large hilt war hammer head steel drawknife blade halberd head steel battle axe head steel spear head steel froe head bone spear head marble building bowstring recurve upper limb recurve lower limb risor bow stringer cam cable compound lower limb compound upper limb wooden shelf fur rug simple cotton gin simple twiner cot small wooden shaft steel dagger blade crossbow stock crossbow limb crossbow prod crossbow stirrup bow iron mace head crossbow trigger revolving nut steel long sword blade claymore blade steel dirk blade small bone hilt tin can flail head small chain steel bastard sword blade scimitar blade steel short sword blade well atlatl head wooden steamer lathe atlatl handle steel gladius blade steel rapier blade pilum head steel spatha blade medium wooden hilt stone ingot bronze peen hammer bronze flatter bronze set hammer bronze anvil bronze gladius blade medium bronze hilt bronze bastard sword blade small bronze hilt bronze battle axe head bronze broad sword blade bronze dagger blade bronze dagger bronze dirk blade bronze dirk bronze long sword blade bronze rapier blade wooden bench stone landmark wooden landmark bronze sabre blade bronze bagh-nakh base of a wooden saw carriage steel saw blade wooden saw carriage with steel blade steel hatchet head steel lathe blade bone bagh-nakh steel bagh-nakh stone quarry bone crochet hook reed steamer limestone quarry wooden crochet hook tarpit sidecar radio vacuum tube extended range radio transmitter wood throne small wooden cart cheese press radio receiver radio vehicle medium radio transmitter copper wire long range transmitter wire platinum long range transmitter wire small ship cabin enhanced range radio transmitter long range radio transmitter stone cleaver large ship cabin crochet hook small cargo hold medium cargo hold large cargo hold vehicle radio transmitter circuit board water skin water pump deck grill ship radio transmitter herb garden grass herb garden plain bronze screwdriver bronze trowel aluminized brass case brass case eyepiece telescope mirror ruby lens sapphire lens emerald lens diamond lens medium log cabin large log cabin pot still steel wooden plate large wooden crate small barrel large barrel biodiesel mixing vat fractional distillation stack small fishing net wood small fishing net reed brick building pot still copper pot still tin sextant arc big steel pot bronze hammer bronze knife bronze planer bronze scissors big copper pot steel pot copper pot small steel pot small copper pot enhanced range repeater extended range repeater long range repeater medium range repeater cobalt thermal cutoff valve zinc thermal cutoff valve magnesium thermal cutoff valve platinum thermal cutoff valve

Umm, most of those are machines.. Those pages doesn't have a holdable infobox, so no changes are needed. Does it have some other use I'm not aware of? (since they can't be held I mean) Ceselb

There are a few machines that can be held (the mixing bowl and the buckets come to mind), but otherwise you are correct. Talapus 20:44, 9 February 2007 (EST)