Small sportscar

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Small sportscar
Object typeVehicles
Skill usedManufacturing vehicles
Time18 day(s)
Materials6000 grams of steel
4000 grams of iron
500 grams of rubber
450 grams of window glass
Toolsregular or bronze screwdriver
Small sportscar (Assembly line)
Object typeVehicles
Skill usedManufacturing vehicles
Time2 day(s)
Materials140 grams of steel
Objectscar windows
2 car wheels
car frame
car engine (A), car engine (B) or tuned car engine
Toolsregular or bronze screwdriver
fork spanner
Land Vehicle
Total Capacity135000 grams
Real Capacity72740 grams
Travels onsand road or better
Base speed0.77
Enginecar engine
Weight effect5000

A small sportscar can be made in either of two ways, manufacturing by hand with a screwdriver and raw materials, or with the new method using car parts and made on an assembly line.


Vehicle speeds (pixels)
Road type Max.* Min.**
Path - -
Sand road 65 50
Paved road 92 77
Highway 142 127
Expressway 204 189

* Max means speed with just a driver, ** Min means speed when fully loaded.

Fuel consumption

Engine A: grams/pixel
Fuel type Min Max
Petrol 0.1 0.25
Biodiesel 0.1 0.25
Propane 0.3 0.75
Alcohol 0.4 1.0
Engine B: grams/pixel
Fuel type Min Max
Petrol 0.125 0.3125
Biodiesel 0.125 0.3125
Propane 0.375 0.9375
Alcohol 0.5 1.25

* Max means consumption when fully loaded, Min means consumption with just a driver.