Steel bagh-nakh

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Steel bagh-nakh
Object typeWeapons
Skill usedManufacturing weapons
Time3 day(s)
Materials30 grams of steel
Toolsbronze or steel peen hammer
bronze or iron chisel
bronze or steel flatter
bronze or steel set hammer
Machinesbronze or iron anvil
Rot and repair
Rot3 points per day
17 points per day of use
Repair400 points per hour
Holdable object
General properties
Weight30 grams

Description and uses

The bagh-nakh is a fist weapon, meaning that it fits in the fist a bit like knuckle-dusters. The name means Tiger Claw because it not only looks like the claws of a wild beast but the wounds it creates look like those an animal would cause. It isn't particularly powerful because it has a much shorter reach than most bladed weapons. However it is a good weapon for assassins, thieves and muggers because it can be concealed in the hand until the attacker is in close quarters with the unsuspecting victim.

A character who is carrying bagh-nakh can pretend to be unarmed and does not need to justify carrying a weapon.

Real-life context

The weapon is believed to have first appeared in India, possibly used by guerrilla fighters in the 17th Century.

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