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Cantr time revolves around a slightly different system than the real world: 20 days to a Cantr-year, 8 Cantr-hours per day, each of which is 36 Cantr-minutes long. The current Cantr-time can be found at the top of any Cantr page (not including the forums and wiki).

Cantr/real-world time

One Cantr-day is equivalent to one real-world day. So, every three real-world hours will result in one Cantr-hour 'ticking over'. Each Cantr-minute is equivalent to five real-world minutes. Cantr-years are used only for role playing purposes and character ageing. In other words,

  • 1 Cantr Year = 20 Earth days
  • 1 Cantr Day = 1 Earth day
  • 1 Cantr Hour = 3 Earth Hours (there are 8 Cantr hours in a Cantr day)
  • 1 Cantr Minute = 5 Earth minutes (there are 36 Cantr minutes to a Cantr hour)
  • 1 Cantr Second = 5 Earth seconds (there are 60 Cantr seconds to a Cantr minute)

Time references

A Cantr-date is a daily-incrementing number. Time and dates are referred to in a format such as "1247-7". This indicates that it is the 7th hour of the 1247th day.

Recurring events

Each Cantr-day begins at Cantr-hour zero. Each Cantr-hour then begins every three real-world hours thereafter at the same minute.

All automated events in Cantr are based on what is commonly referred to as "ticks". There are project ticks, sailing ticks, land based travelling ticks, eating ticks etc. These ticks are run by cronjobs [1] and occur at the exact same real time every day. The Cantr time they occur at may change because of server downtime or maintenance, where the Cantr time is frozen, while the real world time ticks on as usual.

Currently the ticks happen as follows:

  • x.29 Animal attacks are processed
  • 2.16 Automatic eating is processed
  • 2.25 Killing off starving characters
  • 6.34 Animals eat and drop products (feathers, dung, etc.).

Mind you, these times will change if the clock is frozen or reset. This was last updated 4/16/2018.

Previous to a re-haul of the time procession, water and land travel and project progression followed this pattern:

  • x.01 Water travel is processed
  • x.06 Land travel is processed
  • x.12 Projects are processed

However, now the time intervals for these have been greatly reduced to simulate more real-world fluidity. Travel and projects now progress at the same rate, but with more frequent intervals every several minutes rather than every Cantr hour.

Time-limited actions

A character can attack another character or a pack of animals only once per day. Currently the limit is personal for each character, so you can attack again one minute later than you did the previous day. In the past the limit was lifted on the 12th minute of the hour, making it possible to attack in slightly less than a full day if you had attacked near the end of the hour instead of in the beginning of it.

Character age

Age works a little differently in Cantr. Every character begins life at 20, and ages one year for every twenty real-life (and in-game) days. A character that has existed since 1000, for example, will turn 34 on 1280. A character's exact age is visible only to that character's player, but his or her approximate age is visible to all, in their character description, as "A man in his twenties," "a woman in her forties," etc.

After a character has concluded life in their nineties (i.e. "a woman/man in her/his nineties"), the description is displayed as follows:

  • 100 to 150: old
  • 150 to 200: very old
  • 200 to 250: extremely old
  • 250 to 300: ancient
  • 300 to 350: very ancient
  • 350 up: extremely ancient

It's now possible to die of old age, but only if the player so wishes. Mandatory death from old age is unlikely to ever get implemented.

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