Voluntary death from old age

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Introduced 2014-02-13.

Since today, you can decide to cause a heart attack of your old character. It's a functionality based on accepted suggestion "Voluntary death from old age". There's a new tab on character settings page, called "Death from old age". There you can read a bit about the system and, if your char is old enough, you can check a checkbox and click "forward" to start a countdown. After waiting for one day it's possible to confirm death (you'll easily notice how). It means permanent death of your character caused by a heart attack. If you don't confirm it for two days, then the counter is reset, so it works just like unsub lock.

It's hard to estimate how many people will decide to use it, so current age threshold is very high (90 years) and will be lowered later, to avoid too many deaths at the same time. Be careful when testing it :D

EDIT: This has nothing to do with forced death from old age, which is unlikely to ever happen.

-- GreeK, http://forum.cantr.org/viewtopic.php?p=527480&f=1#p527480

Since then, the age limit was lowered to 70 then 60. The age limit has recently been lowered to 30.