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You are welcome to join Cantr II. However, before proceeding, please read the following text carefully. It might save you a few disappointments later on.

First, Cantr II is probably unlike most other online games you`ve played. The idea is to simulate the development of societies - there is roleplay allowed (and encouraged); there is building allowed (and encouraged); there is violence allowed (and to some extent encouraged, although there are limitations on it) - but none of those three things is the end goal of the game. The game will be the most fun if you participate in this process - if you interact with others around you, and if you find nothing is happening, just do something!

PLEASE NOTE: If your idea of a good time is to leave a trail of corpses behind you, Cantr II is not the game for you.

Also: Cantr II is set in a fairly realistic world. The technology level is strange - it is possible to build cars and radios in a world where a state-of-the-art tool is likely to be a pitchfork - but there is no magic of any kind built into the game. (Now, if your character wants to pretend there`s magic, or believe things have happened by the power of some god, that`s another matter...)

Second, the Web-based interface makes Cantr II a fairly slow-paced game. Please be patient! It might take you three or four days to walk to the next location. It might take a day or two for the person you`re talking to to log in and respond. It`s possible that even if you can see 40 people standing in your location when you say something, none of them are there to respond immediately!

Third, the in-game economy and laws are entirely determined by the players. The game`s code provides the means to produce physical objects; what you do with those is not (and will not be) coded. No social structure will be coded. No concept of ownership will be coded. No rules or laws will be coded, beyond some limitations on violence. The two requirements imposed by the game are that characters need to eat, and that death is final and permanent...

Cantr now has a system of genetically transferrable skills which influence how effective you are at different things your character does.