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I suggest that this text be revised, if not on the game site itself then at least here. The first sentence shouldn't be in the wiki because if someone has registered, they have already seen the text and confirmed reading it, and if they haven't registered, they're most likely looking for information on what the game is like and are unlikely to make a decision about joining right after reading this article.

The sentence structures are occasionally awkward and the use of ellipsis (...) generally a sign that the writer hasn't thought things all the way through. It might well be replaced with a period without losing anything. Maybe if we rewrite the article here, preserving the key points of information but improving readability, then it can eventually be changed on the game site as well. Technically any member of Languages Department could change it, but since it's the key introductory text, it shouldn't be spontaneously changed by any single person (such as me); instead changes should be agreed on by several editors.

--Seko 10:57, 18 February 2009 (EST)