Wooden four-poster bed with a cotton mattress

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Wooden four-poster bed with a cotton mattress
Object typeFurniture
Skill usedManufacturing
Time0.5 day(s)
Objectswooden four-poster bed frame
uninstalled cotton mattress (feathers) or uninstalled cotton mattress (cotton)
Describablestone, bronze or regular hammer
Fixed object
Resting furniture
Capacity2 person(s)
Recovery Rate12.5 (1/100 energy)

Blending relaxation and comfort, this is a piece of furniture meant to overcome tiredness. You can use either the uninstalled cotton mattress (feathers) stuffed with feathers or the one stuffed with raw cotton to arrive at the same item. No special tools are required for final assembly.

Beds are describable, too. You create a description at the time of installation. However, if you somehow forget or want to change the description a stone, bronze or regular hammer can re-describe this bed for your comfort and enjoyment.

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