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Raw Resource
Gathered200 grams per day
Methods of  gathering
scythe or bronze scythe400
Cotton is one of the fanciest clothing types in Cantr. Its wearers are generally wealthy, although regions with cotton locally can have more cotton wearers than other places, relatively. Cotton's main use is for refining into clothing, however cotton can also be used raw in some pieces of furniture.

Raw Cotton

Cotton is gathered at a rate of 200 grams a day. With a scythe or bronze scythe, it is gathered at a rate of 400 grams a day. To refine cotton into cotton fibres, you'll need a cotton gin.

Spinning the Yarn

Using a spindle, you can spin the cotton fibres into cotton yarn. In one day you can produce 300 grams of cotton yarn. You will need 325 grams of cotton fibers.

Making the String

In one day you can produce 500 grams of string, using 500 grams of cotton yarn, and a twiner. This can then be made to produce bowstrings using a string jig

Weaving the Cloth

Using a loom, you can create cotton cloth with cotton yarn.

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