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The frequency of clothing varies upon regions, depending on the materials available and the local level of technology. It is also a question of personal values and preferences since currently clothing exists only for the social aspects. It doesn't shield you from damage, allow you to carry more or protect you from the weather (since such a thing doesn't exist yet), but it may arouse respect or envy in your fellow characters. Bags can be used to better organise your inventory, but do not allow you to carry more.

Technological ladder

Main article: Clothing technological tiers

Concerning technological development, the lowest rung of the ladder consists of clothing made of unprocessed materials, such as hide, fur, bones and flowers. Grass clothing can be expected in the future, and some regions are lucky enough to have reed.

Nowadays it's also possible to make a drop spindle, which enables producing yarn without having access to a building. This has made knit and crocheted items more available to primitive societies, although yarn production is much slower with this method. Thus these items form the new second rung.

The third rung requires having a building, but houses can be made out of wood and mud without having to use metal tools (such as the trowel). A curing tub is required to make leather, and a spindle to make yarn efficiently out of various fibres. A simple twiner can be used to produce string without requiring iron. Clay beads can be made on a small kiln that doesn't require a trowel to build. A new introduction to this rung is the simple loom, which makes cloth production available to ironless societies.

The fourth rung involves using iron but no steel. A better loom can be constructed using iron. Glass beads can also be placed here, since the glass oven is also made with iron but no steel is involved. However, the only glass bead item that can be produced without requiring scissors or a soldering iron is the simple glass bead bracelet.

The fifth and final rung is advanced tailoring, where pieces must be cut precisely with scissors. (Scissors must be sharpened with a file, which is made mostly of steel.) Most of the leather and silk items, as well as the finest of the cotton clothing and all of denim clothing reside in this category. Also jewelry that requires the use of soldering iron resides in this category.

Regardless of the ever growing selection, many people still choose to remain wearing "nothing worth mentioning", and also there are those unfortunate ones who have no suitable resources. So if you can't find anything to wear, in the majority of places that's hardly a shame.

Technical information

When you're wearing your clothing, it appears for all to see when people look at the description of your character. If the clothing appears in your inventory, you are not wearing it currently. You can wear up to ten rings, but only one of each other clothing type. For example, if you are wearing a necklace, and you put on a second necklace, your first will be returned to your inventory.

Some clothing items are covered by other clothing items. If this is the case it will be greyed out when you look at your own characters appearance, but will not be visible at all for other characters looking at your character.

Clothing in Cantr is mainly made by sewing, but also by knitting and crocheting.

Common Materials

List of Clothes

See Category:Clothing.