Clothing technological tiers

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Tier 1

Items that can be made with no access to a building and also require no machines. This excludes string, any sort of woven cloth, leather and other treated skins, and clay beads.

Tier 2

Items that require at least a drop spindle, but can be made without requiring a building to house your machinery.

Tier 3

Items that require a building but which don't require iron, steel, anvil, scissors, file, pliers, bodkin, carving knife or any other tool or machine made out of iron or steel. Cloth can be woven on a simple loom. Clay beads can be made on a small kiln that doesn't require a trowel to build.

Tier 4

Items that require iron but not steel. For example things that require glass beads but no soldering iron, things that require a carving knife or a bodkin.

Tier 5

Items that require steel, such as anything that requires scissors, a soldering iron, grinder, pliers or pincers. Anything that has buttons, since those require a file, or lenses, which require a grinder.