Rattan bed with a primitive mattress

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Rattan bed with a primitive mattress
Object typeFurniture
Skill usedManufacturing
Time0.5 day(s)
Objectsrattan bed frame
uninstalled primitive mattress
Describablestone, bronze or regular hammer
Fixed object
Resting furniture
Capacity2 person(s)
Recovery Rate10.5 (1/100 energy)

Rattan bed? It could be worse. Why not mitigate those pokey bits of reed with a stinky, smelly primitive mattress? Problem solved. You're welcome.

This is slightly comfortable piece of furniture meant to (theoretically) overcome tiredness. It's not as comfortable as the other beds, but it sure beats a deserted beach where all of that sand can get really up there in the nooks and/or crannies. Especially the crannies. You can use the uninstalled primitive mattress stuffed with feathers to manufacture the final product. No special tools are required for final assembly.

The bed is describable, too. You create a description at the time of installation. However, if you somehow forget or want to change the description, it can be altered using a stone, bronze or regular hammer and your awesome manufacturing skill. Oh, and your imagination. Can't forget that.

It can also be dismantled to give back the bed frame and mattress used to build it.

Does not include coin-operated massage function using coconuts and monkeys.

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