Steel bed with a primitive mattress

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Steel bed with a primitive mattress
Object typeFurniture
Skill usedManufacturing
Time0.5 day(s)
Objectssteel bed frame
uninstalled primitive mattress
Describablestone, bronze or regular hammer
Fixed object
Resting furniture
Capacity2 person(s)
Recovery Rate10.5 (1/100 energy)

We all know that steel is the pinnacle of the Industrial Revolution™. So why not give up life on the potato farm with your chicken, goat, and cow, and move to the Big City™ where you can work that manufacturing job in an honest eight hour day? I mean...besides the fact that a day on Cantr is eight hours. And then there's that blazing hot smelter, the industrial accidents, and those rowdy labor unions striking and getting struck (on the head) by the Company Man™'s goons. And then you finally go home to your cramped apartment in the slums, drop down on that stinky, smelly primitive mattress, and have to listen to the neighbors arguing about the price of potatoes through thin, thin walls. And you try hard not to think about how much you miss that stupid chicken. *sniff*... Anyway...

This slightly comfortable piece of furniture is meant to (theoretically) overcome tiredness. It's not as comfortable as the other beds, but it sure beats a picket line. You can use the uninstalled primitive mattress stuffed with feathers to manufacture the final product. No special tools are required for final assembly.

Beds are describable, too. You create a description at the time of installation. However, if you somehow forget or want to change the description a stone, bronze or regular hammer can re-describe this bed for your comfort and enjoyment. Speaking of enjoyment, this wiki entry is brought to you by the makers of "STEEL™: It's what our civilization is made of".

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Note: Cantr Staff neither supports nor discourages (by law) the unionization. Now, get back to work!!!