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Nourishing Food
Eaten333 grams
Raw Resource
Gathered1600 grams per day
Methods of  gathering
wooden dung-fork, dung-fork or bronze dung-fork3200
potato harvester (manual)3200
potato harvester (fueled)12800
Potatoes are one of the most common foods in Cantr. They can be found in many highly populated towns.

Uses for potatoes

Potatoes can be eaten raw, or used to make:

Basic Potato Recipes

A comparison of different travel foods that can be made with only potatoes, hunted items, and fuel.

Food Grams eaten
per day
How much potato
to make one day of food
Other ingredients Machines/Tools
raw potatoes 333
baked potatoes 60 60 none some type of ovens and its fuel
potato chips 80 160 none drying rack (manual)
mashed potatoes 56 45g potatoes
11g milk
milk pot with a small fire pit, deck grill or fire place
potato salad 56 50g potatoes
0.3g eggs
7g milk
eggs, milk kitchen table or a mixing bowl