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Meat is obtained from killing wild animals.

Raw meat is inedible before it is processed in some way, whether grilled, cooked, smoked, salted, dried, or prepared in a variety of more complex recipes.

When left on the ground outside of a building, raw meat deteriorates at a rapid rate.

Uses for meat

Basic Meat Recipes

The easiest way to turn meat into food. These dishes can be made with only meat and fuel (such as dried dung or firewood).

Food Grams eaten
per day
How much raw meat
equals one day of food
Machines & Tools Cooking Fuel
cooked meat 80g 85-100g ovens (no tools)
small fire pit, deck grill, fire place* (with a pot)
wood/firewood, dried dung
grilled meat 90g 100g small fire pit, deck grill, spit, or fire place* wood/firewood, dried dung
kebabs 70g 70g tandoor coal/charcoal
meat jerky 47g 94g manual
188g automatic
drying rack
(manual or automatic)
smoked meat 55g 80g smoker wood/firewood

(Note that fire place can only use wood or firewood, not dried dung)