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Raw Resource
Gathered300 grams per day
Methods of  gathering
primitive sawing post, axe or bronze axe1500
sawing post, axe or bronze axe1500
sawing bench, axe or bronze axe2500
sawing machine, fuel, axe or bronze axe5000
ship sawing bench, axe or bronze axe1000

Firewood is a reasonably common and easy to find outside of forest locations. Firewood includes branches, twigs, dead bushes, small isolated trees, and other sources found in their respective locations.

It is directly usable as a cheap fuel for activities like cooking or to be used in small fire pits, primitive ovens, and ovens, or for small and/or simple things like simple tool parts and other primitive items. In several cooking projects, the amount of firewood is the same as the amount of wood required. However, some methods, like smoking in a smoker are not equivalent.

Firewood can be harvested manually in forests, jungles, grasslands, plains, hills, and swamps. It can also be manufactured from machines like the primitive sawing post, sawing post, sawing bench and ship sawing bench, or a fueled sawing machine

Not to be confused with wood which is now a refined product of the timber resource found only in forests.