Ship sawing bench

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Ship sawing bench
Object typeMachinery
Skill usedManufacturing Machines
Time2 day(s)
Materials500 grams of iron
2000 grams of wood
Toolsstone, bronze or regular hammer
regular or bronze screwdriver
Locationbuilt in buildings and vehicles
Fixed object

Now industrious sea captains and aspiring pirates need not feel left out! Yarr!

The Ship sawing bench is the nautical counterpart to the landlubber's Sawing bench. And like its counterpart, is more expensive than the sawing post, but produces lumber and wood faster and with greater efficiently. But unlike its landlocked equivalent, it does not require the extra time and wood. It does still require iron for a blade to saw through the timber, though.

A medium log can also be produced if there is a ship sawing bench present. Unlike sawing timber for lumber, firewood, or wood, the medium log is chosen from the game's build menu. The option to create a medium log this way can be found under Semi-finished products in the sub-menu Logs.

See also: Primitive sawing post, Sawing post and Sawing machine


Sawing medium log

Output per ½ day of labor

Required resources

Required tools

  • axe

Skill used


A disassembling project returns: