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Nourishing Food / Healing Food
Eaten100 grams
Heals4% per 100 grams
25 grams heals 1% injury
Manufactured Resource
Methods of  manufacturing
campstove, 15g propane;
whisk, pot of stone, copper or steel
200g cocoa paste, 200g cocoa powder, 100g sugar, 100g milk

Chocolate is scientifically proven to be one of the four food groups (along with sugar, salt, and fat) it is an essential ingredient to chocolate chip cookies and s'mores. In addition, bananas or strawberries can be lathered in it as a way to potentially woo that romantic person of interest.

In order to get that delicious confection, put cocoa paste, cocoa powder, sugar and milk into a pot of stone, copper or steel, place gently on a campstove and constantly use a whisk to keep it from burning. This technique is said[who?] to also add air to the mix to make it extra light and fluffy as a cloud.

In addition to satiating hunger and healing injuries, chocolate also decreases tiredness by 1% for every 100 grams consumed.


Chocolate is the key ingredient in the following: