Snow sheep

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Snow sheep
USGS ovis canadensis GNP bighorn rams 0.jpg
Wild animal
Max Pack Size30
Attacking damage4
Natural armour0
Habitathills, mountains
Hunting yieldsmeat, wool, large bones, small bones, milk, fresh dung
Feed typehay
Feed amount88 grams per day
Allowed terrainbeach, forest, grassland, hills, mountains, plains, tundra
Renewablesiron or wooden bucket:
bone or steel blade sheers:
Butchering yieldsstone or steel cleaver:
mutton, wool, large bones, small bones
Weight120000 grams


The bighorn sheep (Ovis canadensis) is a species of sheep native to North America. It is named for its large horns. A pair of horns might weigh up to 14 kg (30 lb); the sheep typically weigh up to 143 kg (315 lb). Sheep originally crossed to North America over the Bering Land Bridge from Siberia; the population in North America peaked in the millions, and the bighorn sheep entered into the mythology of Native Americans. By 1900, the population had crashed to several thousand, due to diseases introduced through European livestock and overhunting.

The snow sheep (Ovis nivicola), or Siberian bighorn sheep, is a species of sheep from the mountainous areas in the northeast of Siberia.

NOTE: Not to be confused with the Boreray sheep (Ovis aries) (called the Bighorn sheep here in Cantr).