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This page is reached by clicking the small smiley icon in the character info box or the smiley next to your name on the people page.

At the top is the character's approximate age, and any projects he/she is working on, along with his skill at that project.

Next is the character's custom description, if one has been written. It's in cursive to differentiate it from official text generated by the game. If you're viewing someone else's character description page, there will be a button that allows reporting the description if it's against the guidelines.

Next is a list of what clothes the character is wearing, and a link to the inventory (if you are viewing your own character).

Next is a list of items you can see the character holding (this does not list every item, even if you are viewing yourself). Some items are invisible (usually small ones), as are any resources.

Next are a listing of states.

  • Damage and tiredness are always listed.
  • Hunger, drunkenness and fullness are listed if you are viewing yourself.

Finally, you can change the name you know the character as and their personal description. This works for your own characters as well. If the character is not in the same location as you, this is the only thing that shows up. The personal description is for taking notes about a character and will only be visible to yourself.

If you're viewing your own character, at the bottom of the page it will be possible to enter a custom description.