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People Page

This gives a list of every character in the same location. It is also the same page that will appear when you click on a character's orange link from the events page (but only for that particular character or, in the case of an event with multiple participants, the people who took part in that event).

The icons are as follow: - Description: Will take you to a description of the person, with some vital statistics (you get to see less about another character than you do your own) You can also change the name you know the character by after clicking this icon. - Talk: Will allow you to talk to a person. What you say will only be heard by that character (but other characters in the same location will see you saying something to that particular character). - Point: Every character in the same place will see you point at that particular character. - Help: Your character will help that person with their project or in their attempt to drag. - Drag: Choose a location (building or vehicle) and you will start to drag that character there. You can also choose to just drag the person away from their project, which might come handy when all resource slots are in use. You cannot drag if your character is in the middle of a project - stop your participation first. Dragging will advance when enough force is applied on it (usually by having several participants) so unlike other projects, it's not bound to the hourly tics. Dragging alone only works if you're much stronger than the target, or if they are heavily wounded. You cannot use this button to drag a person that is already being dragged by another one. Instead you must use the help button of the other one. - Hit: Choose a weapon and how much force you want to use and your character will attack that character.