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Character Info Box

At the top of almost all pages when playing Cantr there will be a short summary about your character (just so you don't forget who you're playing) and links to the seven main pages.

The header displays the Cantr date and time, as well as mentioning the number of users active in the last 15 minutes.

Next is the name of your character. (Note: This is the name YOU know your character by - there's nothing to stop you giving different names out or other characters choosing to remember you by a differenty name. You can change this the same way you change any name in the game) Next to your name is a small link to the character description page - explained later.

The character's age, the weight they are carrying and their location are all self-explanatory.

If your character is participating in a project, a short description will appear below the location. Clicking on the project name will bring up details on the project, clicking on the "X" will end your characters's participation in the project. The project will not be lost or deleted - you can go and find it later on the "Activity" page (see below).