Your First Cantr Day

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Po polsku (in Polish)

In het nederlands (in Dutch)

En Esperanto (in Esperanto)

Many players are quickly discouraged when playing Cantr because of a somewhat steep learning curve and a possibly harsh first few days. This little text will help you through them.

Accessing characters

Once your account is accepted, and you log in for the first time, you will see on the player page a list of your characters. You can access your character by clicking on the little smiling face in front of his or her name:

This will bring you to the events page, where you can see what has happened since you spawned in this town.

People and events

The first time you log in, the character's events page will probably be mostly empty. The first day, the events page is sometimes very boring. Depending on the population size and the activity level of the town it may take a day or more for interesting events to begin to appear. Reading this events page is the best way to understand the basic mechanism of the game as well as the people and activities of the town.

You might see things like "You see a man in his twenties talking to a woman in her thirties." You can't hear what they're saying because it's in private. Also you don't know much about them save for the gender and approximate age. But if you click on the short description ("a man in his twenties"), it opens the character description page where you can see various information about the particular character, some buttons for interacting with them and the naming box.

Note that none of the people at that location - of which you can see a list by clicking on the people page link - is an artificial character; each and every one of them is played by a real player, just as your character is.

Naming people

You could actually write anything you want for the character's name, since this only affects how you see them displayed in events and on her name on the first day, since all others will see you as 'a woman in her twenties' or the masculine equivalent of that.

Talking to others

A very good start is for your character to say his or her name and that they have just arrived there. Use the little form on top of the events list, type in the words of your character, and press the 'Talk to all' button. Everybody at that location will now be able to read what your character has said once they log in (most likely not immediately, since players are often not online at the same time). When you check the events page next time, you are likely to see some response.

If you want to talk to someone in specific, you can click on their name (or the short