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Below are a list of 'tips and trick's for playing Cantr, aimed at players already familiar with the game. They involve more detailed descriptions of the coding and mechanics behind Cantr, as well as useful ways of most efficiently playing the game and the best strategic use of game mechanics.

  • Currently if you start a project to drag yourself, you cannot be dragged in any other direction until you cancel the dragging project or if you are first dragged into the destination you chose and then dragged out of there in a separate attempt.
  • If you suspect that someone might be dragging you, try to start dragging yourself and if you were really being dragged, it will give an error message that reveals the identity of draggers. If you are not currently being dragged, it brings up the list of buildings and vehicles and you can just go back.
  • If you upload an image to Cantr server, the filename will include the upload date. Technically this could be used to prove that the information contained by the image was known back then, and wasn't invented just recently. However this might be considered abuse of OOC information.
  • If you have a road vehicle, you can hand over things to walking travelers and they are unable to get rid of the extra weight until they reach the end of the road. It's hard to think of a situation where this would actually be considered useful but at least it's possible.
  • If you want to kill a sleeper without using violence, you can load them with inedible resources such as sand, and keep giving them more every once in a while. This way if they are working on a farming project or being fed by someone else, there will be no room for food and when the person has run out of food, they will starve to death in 20 days. But if the person wakes up before that, you are probably going to be in trouble.
  • If someone is working on a project and you want to have the outcome, wait until a moment before the project is finished, then hand the person as much useless resources they can carry. The outcome of the project won't fit in their inventory and will end up on the ground. This only works for resources, not objects, because objects can bring the carried weight over 15 kilos. But again, if the person wakes up before you had time to escape, then you'll be in trouble.
  • Cantrian boats are coded to stop moving when there are no living people on deck, which prevents lonely sailors from working inside cabins and docked boats - but if the boat is in process of docking, that is not canceled even if your character spends hours off the deck. So when you see a harbour, start docking to it straight away and you can spend hours working in a cabin while your ship is effectively on autopilot.
  • Related to the previous, you can drag a sleeper on board and this will allow you to work in a cabin or a cargo hold, while the ship will keep sailing in the direction you've set. You're only in trouble if the sleeper wakes up or dies.
  • Unconfirmed: You should be able to protect a corpse from being buried by starting to drag it (but not with enough strength to actually move it). If someone tries to bury the corpse, it should give an error message. People can only bury the corpse if you are dragged away from it or killed or your dragging project is finished and the corpse is then dragged back into an area where burying is possible.

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