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All the information you'll ever need on editing is on the Wikipedia editing help page. Everything on this page is specific to the Cantr wiki.

Current events has all of the arguments editors have been having recently.

Help:Templates explains how to use all the templates in the wiki.

Wikipedia - polska strona pomocy w edycji (editing help in Polish).

Article titles

Lowercase second and subsequent words (the first is automatically capitalized by the MediaWiki software), unless the article refers to something that should be capitalized (the Players Department, for example). Use the singular unless Cantr always uses the plural (Blueberries, for example). Separate words with spaces.

Links to articles should be capitalized the same way they would be without the link - in other words, they should generally be lowercase. Direct references to an article should be capitalized, as in the article name.

A more detailed explanation is available at the Wikipedia naming conventions page.

Standard formats

All machinery, vehicle and building pages must conform to the formatting used in other pages of that type.

See Cantr_II_Wiki:Model layouts for sample layouts. These must be used in the creation of any page for which a model exists.


Do not use HTML tags, such as <br> or <p>, in the wiki - they will work, but wiki-native tags are much more suited for these purposes. The exception is tables - sometimes <br> is needed to fit multiple lines in a cell.

Number format

In English articles, use "." as the decimal separator (17.4319, not 17,4319) - other languages should use whatever is standard in that language.