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Role within the game

The Players Department, commonly referred to as the “PD”, manage the database of players of Cantr and enforce the in-game rules. Their prime responsibility is to handle breaches of the Capital Rule, and also the Four-day Rule outside the game. Further duties include handling player applications and any in game issues players might have that are not related to programming, password or account number recovery, and assisting with all requests and questions by players that do not relate to any other department. The Players Department answer to the Game Administration Board and are strictly monitored to prevent exploitation of confidential knowledge.

Applying to this department

As this department is a mixture of customer service and an in-game detective system, a broad array of talents are required. Members of this department need to have clear and friendly email communication skills and need to have a perfect grasp of the Capital Rule. A good sense of what is acceptable and what is not in terms of player behaviour is crucial. As with the Programming Department, due to the level of confidential information Player Department members are asked to deal with, the level of screening is thorough and access granted only after necessary skills are evidenced.

Current members

As of February, 2019.

Name Position Forum Nickname Discord Nickname
Pilot Chair Pilot Pilot
Ula Member Ula Ula
Theda Member Theda Theda
Aly Eska Member BeepBeep BeepBeep
jose lopez Member basty basty
Correcaminos Member Correcaminos Correcaminos
Estaar Member Estaar Estaar
Piast Member Telefon cantrplayer_e^2i

Some former members

  • CDLs (Chair)
  • Melissa Seese (Chair)
  • Jessica Lange (Chair)
  • John Tsai (Chair)
  • Sarah Collins (Chair)
  • Annette Hansford (Chair)
  • Genevieve Hokanson (Chair)
  • Randi Conley (Vice Chair)
  • Grzegorz Sojka
  • Luk Cantryjczyk
  • Tiddy Ogg
  • Anders Thalén
  • Faith
  • Alladinsane
  • HFrance
  • w.w.g.d.w
  • Chimaira
  • Doug Roberts
  • Raynus
  • Muidoido
  • Sanchez

For the most up to date staff listings, please check the Cantr Departments Overview