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There are many templates used by editors to mark what needs doing. Eventually there will be templates used to simplify formatting of articles. This is a list of all templates currently available in the wiki, with syntax and usage.

Use of templates

The Cantr wiki uses a number of templates to make editing easier. All the templates can (or will) be found in Category:Templates. The list below is obsolete.


Infoboxes are small tables that allow you to take all the information about an item and display it in a single chunk. Categories will be generated automatically - please do not add category tags to an article that uses infoboxes. Use infoboxes whenever possible - copy the format of another page of the same type as the page you are writing.

Choice templates

Cantr has many cases where several tools, machines or semi-finished products are used in the same way - for example, if the manufacturing menu says a hammer is required to make something, the stone hammer will substitute. For these cases, "choice templates" exist that will generate the full list of interchangeable objects. For example, use {{hammer}} instead of [[hammer]] to generate the text stone, bronze or regular hammer.


Pages missing important information, pages in need of reformatting, pages under major reformatting, and certain other types of pages should be marked using tags, such as {{rewrite}} or {{construction}}.

List of templates


Syntax: {{delete|This page sucks.}}

Placement: Top of page

Puts a box on the page and adds it to Category:Delete. Do not make any other changes (such as blanking) when you place it. Please ensure you add a reason why the page should be deleted and include links to any page which supercedes this one.


Syntax: {{construction|~~~~}}

Placement: Top of page

Please only use this template if major changes to the page are being made. don't use it as a means to reserve editing of a page. The Wiki is free to be edited by any user


Syntax: {{rewrite|Remove all references to cows.}}

Placement: Top of page


Syntax: {{disambig}}

Placement: Bottom of page


Syntax: {{stub}}

Placement: Top of page


Syntax: {{incomplete|Name, use and construction information needed.}}

Placement: Top of page


Syntax: Resources required: {{inc1}}

Placement: Inline

Displays as Unknown (easy), and adds the article to Category:Easy unknowns and Category:Incomplete.


Syntax: Name of project: {{inc2}}

Placement: Inline

Displays as Unknown (medium), and adds the article to Category:Medium unknowns and Category:Incomplete.


Syntax: Max workers: {{inc3}}

Placement: Inline

Displays as Unknown (hard), and adds the article to Category:Hard unknowns and Category:Incomplete.

Requirement templates

These inline templates display as a series of tools, passive machines or semi-finished products.