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EchoMan is a Cantr player since 2005. He had a break for a couple of years because of RL interfering with his gaming. He had a short sejour in the Programming Department, which he now is the chair for, and thus also in the Game Administration Board. He is also in the Language Department responsible for the Swedish translation, and a former chair of the Public Relations Department,

Note! I do edit some articles in various languages, but please, I prefer if you use English when communicating with me. Thanks! And, by the way, use my Talk Page to do so here on the wiki.


Wiki contributions

  • Going through all of the Swedish categories one by one and adding content for all empty articles.
  • Moving some stuff around in the Swedish parts of the wiki. Mostly in regard to old stupid category naming and such.
  • Updating a lot of the resources, machinery and tools articles, adding new templates, interwiki etc.
  • EchoMan's Wiki Contributions : Special:Contributions/EchoMan.

In progress

Progress-less at the moment. :)