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Role within the game

The Public Relations Department encompasses all of the roles of the previous Marketing and Communications Departments. This department is responsible for establishing policies regarding the moderation of Cantr's satellite resources (forum, wiki, irc, webzine), maintaining these resources in order to best promote the free exchange of ideas between the players, promoting Cantr in order to gain more players, and, if needed, soliciting funds from the players to pay for Cantr's costs. Specific responsibilities of the Public Relations Department include moderating the public forums and our IRC channel, publishing our newsletter (Webzine), supervising/assisting in maintaining and updating our Cantr Wiki, and acting as intermediaries between the Administration and the various language groups. There are several different roles within this department:

Liaison Officer

The Liaison Officer is a senior member of the Public Relations Department who is bilingual in English and another language used in Cantr. They are responsible for recruiting and managing non-English speaking members of their language groups for all positions within the Public Relations Department, as well as communicating the needs and desires of their language groups to the Administration in an impartial manner.

Marketing Specialist

The Marketing Specialists are responsible for advertising the game of Cantr II and attempting to attract new players. “Spreading the word” about Cantr is a key part of this work. The final task of this department is to find the funds required to maintain the server and keep Cantr II running. As Cantr is staffed by volunteers the costs are not that high, but any contribution to the game helps improve its performance. To this end, the possibility of Cantr merchandise has been mentioned.

Forum and/or IRC Moderator

This job involves maintaining the friendly and welcoming atmosphere of the forums and IRC channel by resolving any out-of-control conflicts and flaming, as well as removing spam. No experience with the game is required for this position, however prior activity on the Cantr forum and IRC channel is preferred. Applicants should have clear, friendly online communications skills, should be good mediators, and should know when and when not to use moderation to resolve conflicts. This position is not generally very time-consuming if you are already active on the forum and IRC channel. Editorial Board and Wiki Sysop department members are also moderators, but have additional roles.

Wiki Management

The wiki administrator is in charge of deciding how the information on the wiki should be organized, and is responsible for communicating with staff to obtain that information. The wiki moderator watches the wiki for errors and vandalism. For these positions, applicants are preferred (though not required) to have experience with the Cantr wiki and MediaWiki editing knowledge.

Editorial Board

The Editorial Board is finds submissions, writes articles, conducts the webzine's interviews, and edits submitted content. Applicants for the Editorial Board should have good writing, editing, and interviewing skills. This position sometimes requires quite a bit of time (when editing a submission, writing an article, releasing a new issue, or conducting an interview, for example), but isn't demanding on a daily basis.

Current Members

As of 3rd November 2010.

Name Position Forum Nickname IRC Nickname
Joshua Mathias Chair Joshuamonkey Joshuamonkey
Liaison Officer (De) Sabsi
Marketing Specialist Cdls
Becca Murray Liaison Officer (Fr) notsure
Edvardas Vaiðvila Forum Moderator wejdas
Liaison Officer (Pl) suchy
Martyna Ptak Forum Moderator Miri
Pilot Liaison Officer (Es) Alf
Member Muidoido
Webzine Editor Mr. Black

Some Former Members

For the most up to date staff listings, please check the Cantr Departments Overview.