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Role within the game

The Programming Department is responsible for adding to and maintaining the source code of Cantr II. This encompasses developing the current code to ensure quicker load times and minimising lag, as well as adding new code to enable new features. The department also handles any bug repairs that are required in the course of the game. The role of the chair of the Programming Department is especially important, as the work of Cantr II’s programmers directly affect the game more than any other staff department.

Applying to this department

Cantr is written in PHP, using the support of a mySQL database, hence some knowledge of these two is a strong advantage. Both are easy to learn, however, when you already have a solid programming background or when you have enough time and enthusiasm to dedicate to learning them. Because of the access privileges of a full member of the department, every new member will first be named 'aspirant member' with limited access, so that reliability can be assessed. All new development has to be approved by the Chair, as the concept of the game is very closely guarded.

The Programming Department will consider applications from people with no prior programming experience, given that the person has enough will, time, and enthusiasm to dedicate to learning to program. However, the hiring of inexperienced programmers to very much dependent on the workload and number of experienced programmers and as such, completely an inexperienced hires is very uncommon.

For more details and information please contact the programming department directly, using the in-game message portal.

Current members

As of February, 2019.

Name Position Forum Nickname IRC Nickname
GreeK Senior Member GreeK GreeK
Pies Member Pies Pies
Joshua Mathias Member Joshuamonkey Joshuamonkey
Dennis Member Dennis Dennis

Some former members

For the most up to date staff listings, please check the Cantr Departments Overview.