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Inventory Page

This page gives list of all items in your inventory. Different types of objects (notes, envelopes, materials, clothes, tools etc...) will have different icons... There are also different categories in the inventory to help you see you inventory with less clutter. These categories are notes, raws&items, coins, keys, and all of the inventory.

The category "notes" also has a button that takes you to an interface similar to the one for envelopes. Here you can drop, give and store several notes in an envelope simultaneously.

Universal Icons: - Drop: Drops the item where your character stands. Anyone else in the same area can then pick it up. In the case of materials, you will be asked how many grams you wish to drop. - Give: Gives the item to another character. In the case of materials, you will be asked how many grams you want to hand over. Then there will be drop down box where you can choose the character to give the item to. (Note: Each character has a limit to how much they can carry (15000 grams) - if you try to give something to a character and it is too heavy for them, an error message will say so) - Use: Use the item on a project. You will be presented with a drop down list of all the projects that are missing that particular resource or component, and, in the case of materials, be asked how many grams you wish to use.

Notes and Envelopes Icons: - Copy: Make an exact copy of a note. (Note that if the copied note was set uneditable, all the copies will be like that as well, meaning you cannot wipe or recycle them later on.) - Envelope: Put the note or envelope into another envelope. - Edit: Edit a note (as long as it has not been stored as uneditable). You can use HTML in notes, but not in note titles. - Read: Read a note. - Seal: Seals an envelope. The seal will be broken when someone opens the envelope. Your name will also be on the seal, so the character opening the envelope will know who sealed it. - Open: Opens the envelope and lists all the notes and envelopes inside so you can choose which to take out. If the envelope is sealed, you will be asked if you want to break the seal

Materials Icons: - Store: Put the material into a storage item. You will be asked how many grams you wish to store. (Note: You will be informed if the amount you wish to store exceeds how much more space there is) - Eat: Lets your character consume a healing food. Note: Your character eats to satisfy hunger automatically.

Clothes Icons: - Wear: Your character will wear the item of clothing, and other characters will see it when they look at your character description. (It can be taken off by going to the description of your own character).

Items Icons: - Repair: Repair an item.