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Object typeCoins
Skill usedNone
Time0.05 day(s)
Materials10 grams of metal
MachinesCoin press
Locationbuilding, not a vehicle
Holdable object
General properties
Weight10 grams

Coins are made with a coin press. They will be imprinted with the name of the coin press. They are kept in a separate part of the inventory, and cannot be stored into storages. With the icon that looks like a die, you can flip the coin, which will land on heads or tails.

Manufacturing coins

Coins are made with a coin press from 10 grams of one of the following metals:

The coin press operates differently from most machinery. You can choose a metal to make the coins out of and a number of coins to make (maximum of 100). Each coin is made of the input metal and imprinted with the name of the press.