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Originally the same item made in three different ways, the feather pillow is now differentiated into three different objects:

Use the template {{pillow}} to reference all three in other articles.

Description and uses

The feather pillow and the waster are the best weapons used for training, as they do very little or no damage at all. Note that either cloth type can be used when manufacturing a feather pillow, resulting in three possible ways to make it, but the end result is the same.

Real-life context

Often portrayed as the instrument of choice in the classic pillow fight, an explosion of feathers will be at the scene of the crime.

Pillows were originally used mainly by wealthy men in Asia, and after were found in Ancient Egyptian tombs. The difficulty of sophisticated dyes and sewing techniques led to the development of pillows as an art form, with highly decorated pillows becoming prized commodities first in China and Persia and later in Medieval Europe. In Tudor England, pillows became widely-used; it was believed only women giving birth and weak men should use one. The Industrial Revolution saw the mass production of decorated textiles and decorated pillows. Traditional Chinese pillows are often hard boxes made from stone, wood, metal, or porcelain instead of stuffed fabric. Some ancient Egyptians slept on pillows made out of stone. (from Wikipedia)