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The events page is central to playing Cantr. It will be the first page to load when you start playing a character. It displays everything your character sees and hears.

To say something that will appear on the screen of every character in the same place (not counting those who are in buildings), type into the box at the top and click Talk to all. (Talking to an individual character will be covered later.)

Below this is the list of things that are happening where you are. The events are listed with the most recent activities at the top. Each activity is time-stamped with the Cantr day, hour and minute.

Every character that appears on the events page will be displayed in orange. This is a link to the character description page, where you can change the name you know them by, talk to them, help them and many other things.

Every building or vehicle that a character enters or leaves will be displayed in orange. This is a link to a page where you can see the name of the building or vehicle, change the name you know it by, or (if you have a signwriting tool) change the real name of it. That page can also be reached from the Buildings & Vehicles page.

At the bottom left are two options to hide all and show all of the events (over the past few days - events over 6 days old are purged from the game, so if you wish to save them for reference, click on the day report buttons on your player page to get a log sent to your email).