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Player Page Guide.jpg

This is the first page you will see after login. On top is a Player Info section where you have information about yourself as the player, and a Change button which opens a page where you can change your account details, and see the names of all your characters including the dead ones.

Next is the Messages section with important messages from the Cantr Staff. These messages can be removed when you have finished reading them if you choose. The are often included at the top of your Day Report if you need to refer to them.

Next you will see the Characters List which shows all of the characters you have created. Listed are the name of your characters (oldest at the top), their sex, their location and progress indicator(s). P is short for "project," T for "travel," and D for "dragging." The progress for these activities is displayed as the percent finished or traveled. Sometimes you will see two progress indicators for one character. This is usually because your character is working on a project while traveling in a vehicle. If the name of your character is displayed in white, then some new event(s) has happened. If nothing new has happened it will be displayed in gray.

If you click on a particular character's icon, then you will go to that character's events page.

Below is the Player Menu with these buttons:

Create new character

Unsubscribe from Cantr (use with caution!) When clicking this, a confirmation screen will pop up asking for your password. Typing it in will delete your account and kill all your characters. (Although your account might be restored if you ask the staff, your characters will not be resurrected.)