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You can store divisable material like food, bones or coal in it, but not items like weapons or tools. A storage unit preserves the material stored in it. Note that taking something out of a stationary storage (or indeed a portable storage on the ground) does drop the resources on the ground, so you need to pick it up from there.

Storage and Weapon silver spoon, wooden spoon
Portable storage amphora, apothecary kit, burlap sack, canvas duffel, carved wood mug, ceramic plate, ceramic teapot, earthenware bowl, earthenware mug, porcelain plate, goblet, grass basket, reed basket, silver platter, silver spoon, steel flask,stein, tin can, tin cup, wooden plate, wooden spoon
Stationary storage armoire, barrel, cabin-trunk, chest, container, drawer, large barrel, large wooden crate, oil drum, small barrel, small silo, small wooden crate, wooden shelf

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