Obsidian tombstone

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Obsidian tombstone
Object typeRoleplay items
Skill usedBuilding
Time1 day(s)
Objectsobsidian slab
Toolsshovel or bronze shovel
Locationgraveyard only
Rot and repair
Rot0 points per day
0 points per day of use
Repair0 points per hour
Fixed object
Fixed storage
Capacity0 grams

Goths and Emo's rejoice! Remind everyone of the blackness of life by making a whole bunch of these obsidian tombstones. Almost guaranteed to keep your local gravedigger gainfully employed for as long as there's supply!

Make sure when you create it, you tick the Set custom description box and enter in a description. You only get one chance because once it's made, there is no editing the description afterwards. You have been forewarned.

There is no limit to how many of these you can build in a graveyard, truly making it a cozy necropolis as far as the eye can see. Tombstones can be removed, but it takes five days and it returns nothing. Besides, why would you? Life sucks (the sentiments of this wiki entry are not endorsed by Cantr Staff™).