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A characters states are visible on the character page, accessed by clicking the character name or the small icon next to it near the top of the page.

When your character spawns, each of these states will be at 0%


Drunkenness is a result of drinking alcoholic beverages, while it decreases automatically over time or by vomiting. It's possible to increase intoxication value of alcohols by 10 times by drinking them directly from any portable storage. Higher drunkenness decreases attack accuracy and dragging capabilities (both for dragging other people and dragging resistance), while it increases attack with bare hands and increases damage resistance. After passing 75% drunkenness the character loses consciousness, which is very similar to the temporary near-death-state.


This state increases every time you are attacked by another character or animal, if that other person uses enough force and you have insufficient protection. Alternatively, drinking certain poisons can also increase damage. It also increases when you are living in a polluted environment (not yet implemented).

Damage reduces how fast the character works by the percentage of damage. This stacks with tiredness to further reduce work efficiency. Increased damage also makes it easier for your character to be dragged by another character.

Damage can be decreased by eating healing foods. These are all foods that you cannot eat automatically on a daily basis. Different types of healing foods have different rates of healing. Characters are also subject to a slow rate of natural healing.

If your character reaches 100% damage, it will put you into a near death state (NDS) which you can be healed from or finished off by another character. You will die in 3 days without intervention, but the player can end NDS early if desired.


This state increases (you get more hungry) whenever you have insufficient daily food and you do not have any "stored" in your stomach. Your hunger decreases as you eat food. You will die of starvation if your hunger reaches a level of 100%.

Hunger slows down how fast your character heals, but does not affect working speed directly.


Not yet implemented


Not yet implemented

This is the only state where the initial value varies depending on genes.


Not yet implemented


This state increases (you get more tired) every time you attack an animal, another character, or when you work on a project. Also, whenever a character vomits, tiredness increases by 50%. There also used to be an infectious disease in Cantr which increased your tiredness, however illness has been removed from the game (for now).

Tiredness reduces how fast the character works by the percentage of tiredness, and this stacks with damage to further reduce work efficiency. Increased tiredness also makes it easier for your character to be dragged by another character.

You recover 40% tiredness per day, but can speed it up by resting on resting furniture or by ingesting certain mixtures, foods, or drinks (e.g. coffee, tea, etc.). The increase in tiredness from fighting is directly proportional to the amount of force you use.