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When your character eats manually, food goes in the stomach. Food that's consumed automatically during the eating tick does not go in the stomach, since it's instantly digested, so it doesn't take up space. It's possible to eat manually anything that either causes or reduces hunger, damage, tiredness or intoxication (although currently there are no resources with intoxication values assigned). Cantrian stomach capacity is currently 4000 grams, but it used to be 8000 grams for a long time. If the capacity is filled completely, you will not be able to consume any more things with the eat button, but you will still auto-eat if there's not enough nourishing food in the stomach. It is possible to vomit using the empty stomach button. This will cause a significant amount of tiredness and you will not be able to vomit again for a day. This is to prevent people from wasting unlimited amounts of resources.

During the eating tick, first you get rid of already digested matter in your stomach, which comes from eating things manually when you need them. Then you digest things that satiate daily hunger, starting from what ever you consumed first. If the food digested has a healing or an energy-restoring value, it will be applied if need the effect (= you have damage or tiredness). If the daily need is not satisfied by the nourishing food in your stomach, the character will eat from their inventory. If they're still not satisfied, they'll gain hunger.

If the character has damage during this point, the game will check for healing foods in the stomach and digest them to heal damage. The same goes for energy restoration.