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Near death state (commonly referred to as NDS) was introduced in late December 2012. It was the answer to the problem that there are seldom role-play involved in killing a character. In essence, this allows for rendering a character totally helpless, and to drop everything held except worn clothes. So characters can win a battle but they don't have to kill all their opponents if they don't wish to.

Entering NDS

When a character suffers what used to be a killing wound (100% damage), from either another characters attack, attacking themselves, an animal attack or poison, the character enters NDS. A starving character or a character suffering a heart attack vill not enter NDS. The NDS state will last for three days, or 24 ±1 Cantr hours, unless finished off, or killed by the player. When 3 days have passed the character can either die because of untreated injuries or leave NDS with ~80% damage if the character was healed. Healing is explained in detail below.

But that's not the end of the story. After leaving NDS the character cannot eat for another 5 days (except auto-eating nutritious food once per day). The only way to restore health is natural healing, so resting on furniture can be a good idea.

A character who enters NDS while travelling on a road, will appear back in the location of origin, just as it works with all carried items today.

What can you do when a character is in NDS?

A character in NDS is assumed to be lying on the ground or floor in the location, uless otherwise roleplayed. The character has about 99.99% damage, so it can easily be dragged. A character in NDS can not be attacked.

Possible actions for a character in NDS

A character in NDS can:

  • Enter the events, people and location pages, as well as the character detailed description page.
  • Talk, both public and whisper, good RP is encouraged and appreciated.
  • Point at people and roads. Entering other pages with "point at" button is prohibited anyway.
  • Die. Explained in detail below.

New actions available upon another character who is in NDS

  • Heal the character. Explained in detail below.
  • Finish off the character. Explained in detail below.


A character in NDS have the possibility to die immediately. It's done by clicking the "Die" link on the top of the character info page. For other people it looks the same as death because of untreated wounds. It should rather be treated IC as death because of wounds, not suicide. There shouldn't be IC assumptions like "he died 3 minutes after fatal blow so he wanted to die". It can be treated as suicide only if char in NDS roleplays it this way.

Finish off This is an immediate action which results in permanent death of a character in NDS. It's not limited by the "1 attack per day" rule, so you can give somebody a fatal wound and then finish him/her off. It doesn't cause any tiredness. The finish off range is the same as for a regular attack, i.e. you can finish off char in a vehicle, but not in a building with window from the outside. You have to have an item which can be used for attack, in your inventory to execute this action. You can not finish of a character in NDS, who is actively being healed. Death reason for the body always shows the weapon used in the fatal blow i.e. the weapon used in the attack which resulted in entering NDS.

Heal Healing results in creating a healing project, which is always successful if completed. One healing project is allowed per location per char in NDS. The healing project takes one day, can be sped up by using specialized tools like bandage and similar which will be added to the game. It's possible to make progress in a healing project only if the character being healed is in the same location. It's impossible to finish off a character who is subject to an active (i.e. at least one character working on it) healing project in the same location. But it shouldn't be used as magic shield, because somebody can easily drag the patient to a neighboring location and then finish him/her off.

After the healing project is completed the NDS character's wounds are well-treated, but he/she still doesn't leave NDS until 3 days since fatal blow has passed. So the character can still be finished off. That's another reason why "healing shield" isn't a really good protection.

A healing project may not be cancelled until after four days have passed since starting it.

New state icons

There are two new state icons for characters in NDS, visible on the People tab: The character is in near death state. The character is in near death state and being healed.

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