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I can't login/Cantr doesn't load or the forums. Oh no. No Cantr!

Solution: At about 15:20 (GMT) the server does a backup, and this lasts (about) half an hour - just sit tight.

I see [ship name] undocking everywhere

Description: The same ship will be seen undocking to any characters travelling, no matter where they are in relation to the boat or sea.

Solution: It's a Cantr ghost ship - be afraid!

Or just ignore it - some kinda glitch with docking/undocking procedures, when someone uses the back button and tries to dock again.

Dragging project is at over 100%

Description: On the character list page the percentage complete by the name of a character dragging person or pulling a note, envelope or item displays a value over 100%.

Solution: Cancel project and start again.

I can't pass things whilst travelling on foot

Solution: This isn't a bug. You'll have to wait until you reach your destination.

On the other hand, if you are in a vehicle, you can pass objects to characters walking on the road - just see it as the vehicle being faster, and able to pull-up alongside walking characters.

(Copied from original forum thread Known Bugs & Workarounds)

I finished a project for a building/vehicle/landmark but it's not there!

Solution: Don't use HTML, or apostrophes, or hyphens, or anything else but alphanumeric characters (to be on the safe side) when naming buildings or vehicles - or they're likely to get all manner of weird things happening to them... Contact the Programming Department with details of the missing building.

Error: You are not allowed to view events for other characters

Description: Caused by use of the browser back button. You are then redirected to the character listing.

Solution: Do not use the browser's back button. Most Cantr pages have an embedded back button (a green arrow pointing to the left) or a link that says Back.

Error: You cannot pick up this fixed object

Description: Happens when you go halfway through starting a project with a machine, for example to see how much resources would be needed, then use the browser back button to go back to the Objects list and click on another item. The game interprets it so that you are trying to pick up the machine. Also, a project with the outcome of 0 grams is created.

Solution: Don't click on other machinery after toying with one. Also remember to go to Activities and cancel the 0 project because it's blocking the machine from being used for a few days unless you cancel it.

Something else happened which looks like a bug but is not listed above

Other bugs can be reported to the Programming Department by either emailing bugs (at) cantr (dot) net, or posting a report in the General Support Forum.

When reporting a bug please leave enough information for the Programming Department to trace the issue. If the infomation and/or bug is sensitive then please use a private contact method such as email.