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The server is down

Description: I get a white page with a message that says Cantr is being backed up / the forums are replaced by a text that says "could not connect to database" / the wiki says "Too many connections".

Explanation: Sometimes the server gets a bit too busy. Just wait a while and it should be back up. There is no longer a daily maintenance break so that message that appears is a bit outdated.

I can't pass things whilst traveling on foot

Solution: This isn't a bug. You'll have to wait until you reach your destination.

On the other hand, if you are in a vehicle, you can pass objects to characters walking on the road - just see it as the vehicle being faster, and able to pull-up alongside walking characters.

I finished a project for a building/vehicle/landmark but it's not there!

Solution: Don't use HTML, or apostrophes, or hyphens, or anything else but alphanumeric characters (to be on the safe side) when naming buildings or vehicles - or they're likely to get all manner of weird things happening to them... Contact the Programming Department with details of the missing building. If you have a forum account, you can post in the sticky topic in General Support titled "Report missing/misplaced vehicles

A resting object is in use but there's no one else in the room

Description: Happens when the person who was resting on the piece of furniture died or left room. If you look at the activities list, you will see an inactive resting project.

Solution: Click on X to remove the project.

I killed someone on a bike and the corpse didn't fall out

Explanation: Actually corpses don't fall out automatically because it hasn't been implemented.

Solution: Open the vehicle and click on pulling button to start pulling things from the bike

I undocked from my ship/land, and now I can't dock back!

Explanation: Location you undock from is not added to the list of valid docking targets. It's a bug, which became a feature.

Solution: You need to move your ship for one travel tick. The movement can be very small, so long as the speed is >0%. Docking options will refresh and you can dock back to your location.

I tried to dock, and my ship is now in the middle of nowhere!

Explanation: You are in the void.

Solution: Post in in General Support forum or send an email to support. Someone will run a script that will move your ship back. You don't need to provide any information - the script automatically detects lost ships.

My radio isn't working!

Explanation: There's two reasons this could be. The first is that you're transmitting on a channel different than the channel upon which the region's repeaters are set. If you're talking on 100 fine, then switch and get nothing, that could be the reason, as your signal is not being re-broadcasted on the repeaters. The second reason could be that your radio went out of sync. All new mobile radios (ship and vehicle) currently start out of sync.

Solution: Post in the General Support forum, or send a message to support. Someone will run a script to re-sync the radios. If your radio is still not working after the script is run, then it's the first problem. You don't need to provide any information for your radio to be re-sync'd, as the script detects them automatically.

I stopped on a road, and am now going the wrong way!

Explanation: The game needs you to be moving in order to change direction. If you stop and change direction while stopped, weird things can happen.

Solution: If you stop on the road, verify that you're going the correct direction when you resume travel.

I can't get into a vehicle/building that's unlocked!

Explanation: Buildings and vehicles are coded to not allow more dead weight inside than would exclude a living person, but there could be several reasons why you can't enter;

1) The building is at capacity with living people. Solution: Slide a note under the door and ask someone to step out. 2) The building/vehicle is near capacity, and you're holding too much. Solution: Start pulling things from inside

Something else happened which looks like a bug but is not listed above

Other bugs can be reported to the Programming Department by either using the Contact Cantr II Departments link when logged in , or posting a report in the General Support Forum.

When reporting a bug please leave enough information for the Programming Department to trace the issue. If the infomation and/or bug is sensitive then please use a private contact method such as email or the contact form.