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it's not clear if building a "room" actually increases the available space wthin the building? I mean, say a building holds 100 units, does that mean that the the addition of the room will increase te bilding's total capacity to 200 units, or will you only be ablew to store , say, 50 units in the main building, pluse 50 units in the room (subdividing any other way you like so long as it totals 100.). The wording of the article suggests the latter is the case. However, it would semm that an extension really does inctrease the available spce- again to judge by the wording of the article.

Can this be clarified, please?

Also, can a stone Hall be built inside a standard building? Experimentation says it can be, but would doing that decrease the capacity of the hall to the size of the building it's built inside? ? I particularly want to know this as I've designed (and started to build) a building which will comprise a stone hall with various additions including an entrance hall. The mechanics denmanded that the entrance hall (normal size building ) had to be built first, but now I'm beginnin to wonder if this is really going to work the way it's meant to Any chance of an answer really fast?

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Rooms or extensions add space to buildings - Think of them as being built on the outside but with the doors on the inside . So in your first example the building increases to 200 units , 100 units in the original building and 100 units in the new room. Room capacities have been added to the building descriptions.

I believe a Stone Hall could be built in a smaller building (not tested) , this follows the same analogy as mentioned before - it is expansion on the outside , not partioning of the inside.

--Chris Johnson 13:26, 6 Sep 2005 (EDT)