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InterwikiLinks & Categories

Hi! Thanks for your contributions to the wiki so far. :) Just a tip, all articles should be included in the Interwiki system. As an example I use the page Popiół kostny that you worked on. At the top of this article there is: <font size="3">([[Bone ash]])</font>. This should be replaced with {{InterwikiLink:BoneAsh}}. Then you should edit Template:InterwikiLink:BoneAsh and add the line:

| pl  = Popiół kostny

to it. As a proof that it is done correctly, when you reload the Popiół kostny article, the word Polska in the Interwiki box should be bold.

Also, pages should belong to at least one category. See for example Jaskry. Just ask if you have any questions. --EchoMan (talk) 07:37, 28 April 2014 (UTC)