Steed corral

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Steed corral
Object typeBuildings
Skill usedBuilding
Time5 day(s)
Materials6000 grams of wood
300 grams of iron
Toolsstone, bronze or regular hammer
LocationOutside only
Weightunlimited grams

Isn't it annoying when the local posse comes into town and their horses eat all of your vegetable feed? Tired of your greedy pet elephant eating all the hay such that your chickens starve to death? Well fret no more, my maharaja! Now you can sequester any steed in their very own Steed Corral™!

Steeds arriving in a location with a Steed Corral will end up in the corral. (No valet service necessary. It's like they have a mind of their own, go figure!) The benefit is that steeds will no longer eat the animal feed of any domesticated animals and will be kept separate.

The corral itself is a construction, which means that it does not protect those inside from being attacked. People inside the corral will be able to see people outside and vice versa. Furthermore, it will not be lockable, so no locking up horse riders!! (There goes your idea for a clever toll booth.)

Steeds will still need to be saddled in the "central area" or "main square" of the location (you know, that whole general outside area). To get them into the corral, simply exit down a road or path, turn right around, and arrive in the location's corral on the very next travel tick.


Cantr Staff™ is not responsible for crossbow shootouts, particularly if your steed corrals are OK.