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Objects Page

This page is similar to the inventory page, except that it lists everything 'on the ground' where your character is, including machines. Icons are the same as in the inventory page except for a few:

http://www.cantr.net/graphics/cantr/pictures/button_small_take.gif - Take: Your character will take the item. For materials, you will be asked how many grams you wish to take

Pull.gif - Pull/Push: After choosing which building, your character will push the object into a building

http://www.cantr.net/graphics/cantr/pictures/button_small_bury.gif - Bury: Your character will start a project to bury the dead body

http://www.cantr.net/graphics/cantr/pictures/button_small_use.gif - Use: If there are any machines, you can use this button to start a project. In most cases this will bring up a form where the details for the project can be entered.

http://www.cantr.net/graphics/cantr/pictures/button_small_retrieve.gif - Retrieve: If there are any containers, you can use this button to retrieve resources from it.

http://www.cantr.net/graphics/cantr/pictures/button_small_radio.gif - Broadcast: You can use this button to set a radio frequency and broadcast a message on that frequency using a radio transmitter.

http://www.cantr.net/graphics/cantr/pictures/button_small_setfreq.gif - Set Frequency: This button sets the listening frequency of a radio receiver.