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Please note that it is against game rules to post OOC messages on the radio.


Radio transmitters are active electrical devices with a power source that convert sound from a microphone into radio waves. There is a microphone that the user activates (a "use radio" button) to transmit their message. When you use this you can enter a message and set the radio frequency that you want it broadcast on. The message is then broadcast. Everyone in the same location sees you speaking into the radio.

Three general categories of transmitter exist: the vehicle radio transmitter, which is installed only in vehicles, ship radio transmitters, which are installed in a small, medium or large ship cabin, or a fixed land transmitter installed only in terrestrial buildings.

The first two have a single range, but the last kind has three range configurations:

Trivia: Prior to August 28, 2021/Day 7000, there also existed an intermediate Enhanced range radio transmitter. This was merged with the extended transmitter and is now obsolete and can no longer be crafted. All instances of enhanced range radios magically turned into extended ones, thus proving to all those stubborn Cantr atheists out there that intelligent design exists. However, it is still debated as to whether these are deities, aliens, or invisible flying spaghetti monsters


  • Medium: 75 pixels
  • Long: 125 pixels
  • Vehicle: 125 pixels
  • Extended: 150 pixels
  • Ship: 150 pixels


Radio receivers are passive electronic devices that pick up radio waves transmitted by radio transmitters. The device then converts the electromagnetic waves into sound, put out by a speaker.

Receivers come in two varieties: Vehicle radio (receiver)s can be installed in either land vehicles or small, medium or large ship cabin on a ship.

Everyone in the same location as the receiver in range and set to listen to the transmitter's chosen frequency hears the message. The speaker and transmitter are not identified; the message is along the lines of "you hear a radio message 'Mary had a little Lamb.'" or "you hear a radio message 'How did it taste?'".


A radio repeater is a combination of a radio receiver and a radio transmitter that receives a signal and retransmits it, so that two-way radio signals can cover longer distances.

The repeater re-broadcasts everything it receives on the frequency it is set on. This is useful if communication is desired between remote locations that falls outside the range of a single radio.

Example: Repeater.png
Red and blue can't communicate directly, but with a repeater (white) it's possible.

Repeaters are installed inside buildings. It is not possible to have a repeater in a land vehicle or on a ship. Like transmitters, repeaters also come in three varieties: extended range repeaters, long range repeaters, and medium range repeaters.

Functionality of repeaters will be a single repeat per message, and the max range cannot exceed 300 pixels. This keeps the radio coverage from blanketing entire islands and even extensive cross-island communication. This fact makes the usage of messenger birds as a beneficial alternative.