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Location Page

This page gives some details about where your character is.


The map graphic on the left is a small representation of the local area. In the center is a list of all the raw materials available. Clicking on the icon next to the materials will take you to a page where you can start a project to gather it.

To the right is a small image that does nothing much but just look pretty...

http://www.cantr.net/graphics/cantr/pictures/button_animals.gif - This button in the center is a link to a list of animals in that location. Currently the only interaction available with animals is to attack them.

At the bottom of the page is a list of the roads out of the location. Next to each path there are three icons:

http://www.cantr.net/graphics/cantr/pictures/button_small_pointat.png - Point: Will make your character point the path, so other characters will see that

http://www.cantr.net/graphics/cantr/pictures/button_small_follow.gif - Travel: will make your character follow the path (not an option if your character is in the middle of a project - stop your participation first)

http://www.cantr.net/graphics/cantr/pictures/button_small_improve.gif - Improve: Will start a road improvement project to improve the type of road

On a ship

Undock - will undock the ship, if you are on one

You also see the current load of goods and passengers.

If you are on a boat, any visible lighthouses will be listed, along with the approximate distance to them.

Distances in pixels
Name distance
very close 20 or less
close 20-60
far away 60-120
very far away 120 or more

On a vehicle

You will not see what resources are available in town your vehicle is in. You do see the map graphics though.

You also see the current load of goods and passengers. If your vehicle has an engine, you will see the amount of fuel left in it.

You will see available roads, and you can point at them, and travel them, but not improve them.

In a building

You see the current load of goods and characters. You will also see the door to exit, which you may knock on. There is also an optional description of the room, or you can add one. If you have the key for the room it will be an instant change, if not, you will start a project to change the room description. By the description there is a button [ ! ] with which you can report OOC or not fitting descriptions.

North is Right!

In case you're unaware, the map you see on the location page is tilted 90 degrees clockwise, placing north on the right-hand side of the map, where east would usually be. So, north is right, east is down, south is left, and west is up. Please remember this when mapping a region, or navigating the seas! Without this knowledge, you could easily become lost!