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Docking is the act of joining a ship to another ship, land, a landing-stage or a coaster harbour.

Initiating docking

To initiate docking go to the 'location' page, in the 'exits' area of the page you should see a 'dock' button next to every location or ship that is close enough to be docked to. The closer the boat is to the docking destination, the faster the boat will dock. If you are not close enough to what you want to dock to there will be no 'dock' button.

A boat can dock to a coaster harbour or a landing-stage from a further distance than onto land or another boat. Certain boats can only dock to a coaster harbour or a landing-stage and others can only dock to land.

If the ship is not moving, the list of dockable places will not be updated. If the target is a ship and it is moving, you will not be able to dock unless you are very close to it.

Some times, when undocking, you have to wait one sailing "tick" for all the docking options to become available.

Interface changes caused by docking

Characters on either side of the docking can interact with characters and events in the other under the same rules that hold for vehicles.

The smaller ship has the option to undock (explained further below). This is displayed on the Location page, under the map graphic.

When a smaller ship docks to a larger ship

Unlike with buildings, where only the building lock of the inner room matters, the vehicle locks of both the smaller and the larger boat are considered (and can be broken with a crowbar) when a character tries to go between two docked ships.

Characters on board the smaller ship cannot steer and cannot see outside (the map graphic is solid blue).

When a ship docks to a landing-stage or coaster harbour

Characters on board the ship can see the map graphic.

When a ship docks to land

A ship docked to land behaves exactly like a vehicle with no accessible roads - the roads are visible on the Location screen but are grayed out.


Pressing the "Undock" button usually brings up a list of possible directions and distances in which to undock. If there is only one way, this list will not be displayed.

Each undocking option is labeled with the direction in which the ship will undock.

Selecting one radio button and pressing the "Undock" button at the bottom causes the ship to undock. This is instantaneous, but because of the distance undocking moves your ship, you will not be able to dock back immediately.

When undocking from a ship, you will not be able to dock back to that ship again immediately. The undocked ship must be moving so that the undocked from ship appears as dockable in the next move phase. If the undocked ship stays stationary, the undocked from ship will not appear as a dockable target in the next movement phase.