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Repair tools are used automatically when a character is working on a repair project, just like with an axe for collecting wood.

To use a repair tool, the repaired object must be of a category for which the repair tool is applicable. For example, whetstones can be used only for sharp objects, mainly weapons. Some repair tools can be used for any item.

These tools cannot be repaired.

Available repair tools

name requirements build days boost durability applicable for
Diamond ash whetstone 80 diamonds, 500 stone 1 +500% 4 days Sharp objects
Quartz whetstone 300 ceramic clay, 400 sand, kiln 0.5 +300% 4 days Sharp objects
Silk polishing cloth 150 silk cloth, 60 olive oil 1 +250% 5 days Any object
Wool polishing cloth 400 wool cloth, 60 olive oil 1 +200% 6 days Any object
Bone glue 350 bone ash, 100 water 0.5 +150% 6 days Any object

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